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fluencyNEWS is fluency skills training’s newsletter blog. In it, you will find all the news that is news about all things fluency; including announcements of upcoming courses and seminars, and other items of general interstest.

I’m LJ “Larry” Stevens. I’m an Oxford-educated American, and a TEFL certified language trainer. I’ll be your “guide” today and during most of your visits to our fluencyNEWS blog.

I’m writing this from Bangkok, Thailand; where I’m trying to learn Thai while taking a break from training for a few months after 6+ years of working as a trainer in Vienna, Austria.

I’ll be back in Vienna soon. And once I’m there, I’ll be the Austrian Representative and Head Trainer for the newly formed fluency skills training, ltd.

fluency skills training is a language consultancy and training firm specializing in helping corporate and individual clients acquire and/or improve their language skills.

We have three separate public blogs going at the moment, each with a specific purpose:

  1. fluencyNEWS, which you’re currently visiting and which has the latest news and other information about our company that does not really fit into the purpose and mission of our other two blogs; those being
  2. fluencyTIPS, which has articles containing tips and suggestions for improving your English language skills; and
  3. fluentlyYOURS, which has a variety of articles related to language acquisition and improvement. This is where you’ll find our reviews of books and other resources. It also has other articles introducing  you to resources we believe you might be interested in.

Gotta dash! It seems that it’s time for me to study Thai for a little while.


LJ Stevens