fluencyHUB Is Up and Running!

fluencyHUB-2015-02-02_682x445We have been hard at work building a web-hub of interconnected sites for quite some time now, and are delighted to announce that it is up and running.

So excited that we couldn’t wait to get the word out and posted our initial announcement on our Facebook company page!

Rather than send you there to read it, we are re-posting it in its entirety here.


* * * * *

fluencyHUB Is Up and Running!

We are delighted to announce that fluencyHUB, our online web-presence hub, is up and running!
…Other than the main site, www.fluency.at, ALL of the blogs, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, Amazon bookstores, and gift shops are in place and linked together.
…So, like an international airport which serves to link many countries via fast, easy air travel, fluencyHUB makes it possible to enter any of our online sites and surf to every other point of interest on it quickly and easily.
There are still some edits to be done, and links to fix. But we’ve been working on it so long, we can’t see what’s broken. Plus, it’s our baby. And we’re so proud we don’t see its flaws.
So . . .
…Take it for a spin.
…Look under the hood.
…Kick the tires.
…Try to break it.
Just, please, let us know what you find that’s broken so we can fix it.

Oh, yes, and let us know what you think!
The sites are:

1) www.fluency.at : the main site, which is OFFLINE at the moment because it is being rewritten. When it is finished, the site will include our course and seminar catalogue, and our online training platform, on which we will conduct both live online classes with its two-way video feed and provide access to downloadable resources;

2) fluencyTIPS blog : the main educational tool of the whole she-bang and, therefore, the true “heart” of the hub, this is where we provide free help to those who wish to improve their language skills and recommend resources that will help them solve problems they may be having;

3) fluencyTIPS Twitter feed : is one of the ways we let people know about the blog, it uses the memes created for each fluencyTIP to let our followers and other know where they can recieve the help given in each TIP as it is posted on the fluencyTIPS blog;

4) fluencyTIPS YouTube Channel : is where we will host short videos made from each fluencyTIP as soon as possible after we post it to the blog;

5) fluencySKILLS YouTube channel : is where we are hosting other company-related videos, such as our “Smooth and Easy: An Introduction to fluency skills training” series, the first of which has already been uploaded;

6) fluencySkills FB page : is our primary public social media site. this is where we post links to
…* the fluencyTips as they are posted to the blog,
…* the fluencyTIPS videos as they are uploaded,
…* the fluencyNEWS newsletter as it is published, and
…* the announcements of course offerings, special events and seminars, and other items being promoted elsewhere on the web;

7) fluencyCOMMUNITY : is our FB invitation-only community page where clients and trainers to interact with and receive help from each other;

8) fluencyAMAZON-DE online store : our online bookstore for German speakers;

9) fluencyAMAZON-USA online store : our online bookstore for English speakers in North America;

10) fluencyAMAZON-USA : online bookstore for English speakers in Europe;

11) fluencyCAFE-PRESS : one of our online gifts stores selling unique products made from our logos,memes and other artwork;

12) fluencyZAZZLE-DE : our online gifts store for German speakers;

13) fluencyZAZZLE-USA : our online gift stores for English speakers;

14) fluencyNEWS : our newsletter blog with “all the news that is news” about all things fluency, including announcements about upcoming seminars, courses, and other items of interest to our clients, FluencySkills facebook followers, and other interested parties;

AND last, but not least,

15) fluentlyYours – our blog for items such as book and resource reviews, that should not be part of fluencyTIPS.


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